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        Professional Manufacturer of Plants, Machinery and Components
        For Autoclaved Sand-Lime Bricks and AAC Blocks
        • Pre-Sales Design
        • In pre-sales period, based on the actual demands of customers, we can offer them a specific model and specification of equipment available. Besides, we can also manufacture the whole plant and equipment to customers' individual specifications, and supply plant design flow for them.

        • In-Sales Production Tracking
        • During the production of our building material machinery including autoclaved sand-lime brick production line, autoclaved aerated concrete plant, hydraulic brick press, etc., we maintain production tracking, so as to shorten production cycle while ensuring product quality.

        • After-Sales Service
        • In pre-sales period, based on the actual demands of customers, we can offer them a specific model and specification of equipment available. Besides, we can also manufacture the whole plant and equipment to customers' individual specifications, and supply plant design flow for them.

        About Sanhe

        It was in the 1950s that Zhengzhou Sanhe New Building Materials Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the first automatic concrete batching plant in China. From then on, Sanhe continued to accumulate experience, learn advantages from others, and make innovations. In the last 60 years, we have always been the leader in the industry of concrete batching plant. Read More

        2001: In August, Sanhe brand autoclaved brick press reached the national standard and obtained the quality certificate issued by AQSIQ. In the same year, we built the first 50million bricks/year autoclaved fly-ash brick production line in China.
        2007: Our JS1000 and JS1500 twin shaft mixers were exported to India.
        2014: The autoclaved fly ash brick production line that could produce 60 million bricks per year was exported to Russia.

        Main Products
          1. Hammer Crusher

            Rotor disc and hammer pin hole are made from high manganese steel with carburizing treatment to improve wear resistance, and the hammer is cast in new type high quality chromium manganese steel for longer service life than ordinary hammers.

          1. Automatic Dosing System

            Its weighing system is designed with weight controller and sensor to carry out rationing, batching and control. Plus the capability of automatically modifying error, it can realize precise dosing of materials, thus ensuring the quality of autoclaved bricks.

          1. Batch Control System (for Sand-lime Brick Plant)

            The control system provides automatic inspection of production information, whole process tracking, easy operation and maintenance, and convenience for network link.

          1. Hydraulic Sand Lime Brick Press

            The SH series hydraulic sand lime brick press is the heart of our sand lime brick plant. It is independently developed by Sanhe depending on the market demands. Fully automatic brick placing robot is attached to the press.

          1. Batch Control System (for AAC Block Plant)

            The entire production process of our AAC block plant is controlled by a modern automatic batch control system which comes with a user-friendly operator interface for easy and understandable operation.

          1. Tilting Manipulator (with Crane)

            The tilting manipulator comes with a hydraulic lift system attached to a double-girder overhead crane with four hooks. It is mainly used for handling the mould and demoulding it at the cutting place.

          1. Dry Mix Mortar Production Plant, SHJ Series

            This dry mortar mixing plant is characterized by low equipment height, ease of installation and maintenance and other advantages. Due to relatively large investment, it is suitable for large and medium sized dry mix mortar producers.

          1. Concrete Batching Plant

            The main batching and mixing system comes in portal frame that ensures great stability. Interior space is reasonably arranged and discharge driveway is wide.
            Air circuit of the concrete batching plant comes with a two-step filtration system which will extends the life time of pneumatic components.


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